Making equality our reality

Empowering professional services women

WHEN unlocks the huge potential of professional services women. Through the national network, members forge valuable professional networks, build confidence and take control of their careers.

Enabling sustainable, diverse leadership in higher education 

Our members will be inspired to innovate, not only making change happen for themselves and their colleagues, but also for their institutions, making those that are part of this movement two steps ahead. 

Determining our future

WHEN offers the first, and only, national network for professional services women, creating a community of practice within the higher education sector. We also offer access to formal training and development courses, designed specifically for our members, and access to WHEN events and conferences.


Seizing opportunities

A global study conducted by IBM found that organisations achieving strong diversity and an inclusive environment could expect to:

Halve staff turnover

double collaboration

Double the amount of collaboration

triple productivity

Triple staff productivity

Quadruple the amount of innovation

Despite the evidence gender equality is still an aspiration rather than a reality. Based on gender alone, UN statistics show that, at the current rate, it will take more than 80 years to achieve parity in the workplace. We need to speed things up.The business case is well documented.