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Becoming a member of WHEN

Membership explained

Becoming a member of WHEN is straight forward. Membership is granted on an individual basis. This is because we don't want the membership to get lost in the hierarchies of our institutions. 

In order to become a member you can sign up as either:

  1. Open individual member (£100)
  2. Sponsored individual member (£25) 

It is our intention that as an individual you will be able to ask your line manager to support you in paying this fee as a contribution to your professional development. However, we have tried to keep the fees as low as possible, in case your line manager is not able to support you. 

To have access to sponsored individual membership rates, your Institution needs to sign up to WHEN as an Institutional member. Once this is in place, you and your colleagues will be able to access the lower individual fees. 

Institutional membership quick guide

In order to share information about institutional membership with colleagues we've created a quick guide for you to download here.


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