Receive approval

The budget holder for staff training and development will be able to approve the membership fee.  For academic staff: this may be the academic lead in your area or your local Athena SWAN team. For Professional services staff: this is your line manager, or might be the overall manager for the division you work in. 




Pay membership fee

There is a separate membership option for academic and for professional services staff, which reflects the different membership experience they will receive. Membership is renewable annually and payment can be made via invoice or online purchase.

  • Access for up to 10 members of staff: £995
  • Access for up to 20 members of staff: £1,495
  • Access for up to 30 members of staff: £1,995



Confirm membership status 

Once we've received your payment, the person who has subscribed the team will receive a welcome email from WHEN. This email can be passed onto team members and by clicking on a link and entering a few details their membership will be confirmed and they will be able to start participating in the network.