Our purpose:

To empower women to seek fulfilment in their higher education careers and break down barriers that inhibit them reaching their full potential. 

Our Vision:

To achieve gender parity for staff working in higher education. 

Our mission:

We are on a mission to speed up gender equality in higher education. By bringing women in HE together, we can focus the brilliant minds of 222,000 women on the problem. We’ll help individuals forge valuable professional networks, build confidence and take control of their careers. And in turn make universities more collaborative, innovative and productive.

Our values and how they underpin everything we do:

Being open and proactive in welcoming others 

Understanding and valuing difference

Learning from, working with and supporting each other

Taking the initiative and empowering others to do the same

Our beginnings:

In 2013, Emma Todd and Alice Chilver founded Astrea: a grassroots network for professional services women at UCL. Astrea aimed to address the under-representation of women at the highest levels of the institution, bringing women together to share experiences, skills and support one another’s professional development. The value and benefits that the network brought to individuals and to UCL were significant. The appetite, enthusiasm and support from women was unrelenting. Through WHEN, Alice seeks to deliver these same benefits to women and institutions across the sector.