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As a social enterprise, volunteers are at the heart of WHEN. We are building an inclusive collective of women who are dedicated to speeding up gender parity in higher education and have (some!) time available to make it happen with us.


To date, the mission of WHEN has been driven forward by a range of women, from those at the beginning of their careers who are determined to break down structural barriers to their progression, to senior leaders who are determined to make the path up easier for others than it was for them. 



Benefits to volunteers include: 

- Gaining experience and expertise in areas they are seeking to develop

- Mentoring others looking to develop new skills in areas you already excel in

- Free membership of WHEN for one year

- Career and skills development opportunities

- Professional network expansion

- Personal and professional fulfilment by driving positive social change



We are currently looking to build small teams in the following four key areas of operation, which will dramatically increase the speed at which we can deliver real social impact. 

Our growing portfolio of events brings members together to share stories and experiences, learn new skills, develop their networks, and further their careers.

WHEN brings its community of members, subscribers, and partners together through its communications; sharing knowledge and insight, fostering debate and conversation, and developing its position as a thought leader on gender equality.

WHEN exists to empower its members - both individuals and institutions - to progress themselves and drive social impact across the country. We intend to continually enhance our member offering to ensure all our members feel valued and experience the positive impacts that membership opens up. 

WHEN is looking to further impactful research and foster knowledge exchange by bringing academics and industry experts together for collaborative research.

Be brave!

Don’t think you can do it? Be brave and don’t limit yourself!

Write to us and tell us why you are interested in joining our team! Email a brief expression of interest (max 1 side A4 but shorter is fine!) and CV to us. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. WHEN particularly welcomes applications that will increase the intersectionality of its team.

Please send to [email protected]


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