Speeding up equity

Uniting women in order to harness wisdom and experiences for strength and change


Facilitating a place for all women

WHEN hosts a network for all women, from all backgrounds, who work in any role in the higher education sector. We are all different but we share a unique set of challenges. WHEN recognises and celebrates our differences. 

Enabling meaningful connections

We bring women together to share experiences and stories, exchange ideas and learn from and with our peers. Whatever your role and background, we believe that together, united as women who want to change the status quo, we are stronger.


WHEN was founded as a network for ALL self-identifying women and non-binary people in higher education. But networks for women have a tendency to be dominated by white, middle class women. Knowing this from the outset, we have tried to not let WHEN succumb to this pattern. 1/3 of our Advisory Board positions are reserved for BAME women but we have yet to appoint Black women to this board. We must try harder. Our core team has ended up majority white. We knew this might happen and it has. We must change. If you are a Black woman and want to join us in our mission to speed up gender equality in HE, either as a board member or in our core team, let's talk.


Keep in touch with WHEN

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