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Taking control: How to say when it's not ok

15.00-16.00, 25th November 2020 

Elizabeth Stokoe, Professor of Social Interaction, Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (Loughborough University) explores when someone says/does something problematic or offensive, what are our interactional options for responding, right in the moment? Presenting research findings that underpin strategies for saying when it’s not okay.

Network of networks: Sharing good practices

10.00-12.00, 11th December 2020

We are delighted to invite leaders of Women’s Networks together as we explore the purpose and objectives of uniting women’s networks. The session will be hosted by De Montfort University, and led by members of the WHEN leadership team: Yasmin Ali (De Montfort University), Jenna Townend (Loughborough University) Deborah Sloan (Ulster University).

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Love leadership: celebrating compassion

13.30-14.30, 11th December 2020 

In this session executive coach and leadership trainer, Sarah Higgins, will share her expertise in the practical psychology of behaviour at work. Sarah helps leaders to understand how fear-based emotions limit our potential and how leading with more compassion and humility enables us to build resilience, greater success and sustainable results.

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New member welcome and orientation

14.00-15.00, 12th January 2021

A warm welcome for all new members of the network. In this session Alice Chilver, WHEN's founder and CEO will introduce you to WHEN and explain how you can make the most of your membership. Alice will introduce the directory, online community and mentoring programme, making sure that you know how to find and use them, plus you will meet other members and start to feel part of the community.

Networking: sharing tips on managing remotely

10.00-11.00, 20th January 2021

Managing people and teams can be challenging at the best of times. We invite members together to share their experiences and best advice on managing people and teams remotely. Members will have the opportunity to participate in multiple small group discussions in groups of four, maximising the possibility of hearing useful meaningful advice to them, and meeting plenty of other members. 

The positioning and making of female professors

14.00-15.30, 29th January 2021 

Details being finalised.

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