Changing the status quo

Hosting bold, meaningful events to support women in higher education

Annual conference: The future is ours

Taking place from 6th - 9th September 2021. Join us as we unite to embrace uncertainty, challenge our institutions and ourselves.

Past events

100 Black Women Professors NOW: Initiative launch

Women on Boards and in non-exec Director Roles

A warm welcome to WHEN's new members

What has 40 years of body image research taught us?

Silence the Women, Silence the Suffragettes:

How to be a great mentor

Join the mentoring scheme

Mentoring Launch Event: all welcome!

Networking: sharing tips on managing remotely

You, the Menopause, your brain and your body

Network of networks: Sharing good practices

Taking control: How to say when it's not ok

Love leadership: celebrating compassion

Keeping on top of everything: A COO perspective

Working from home: An academic's reality check

Should I share parental leave? What research reveals

Maternity leave & Covid-19: how am I coping?

VC Prof. Susan Lea: my own leadership & resilience

Exploring how womens' leadership during crisis

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