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Mentoring Launch Event: all welcome!

14.00-15.00, 18th January 2021 

We want to support 10,000 positive career moves for our members over the coming years and that's why we are so excited to launch our mentoring scheme. Open to all members, to join as mentors, mentees or both, we all know the huge value we can expect to see. We've chosen 'blue Monday' deliberately to launch this positive, uplifting initiative.  Join this event to be part of the first cohort and hear how you can make the most of it the scheme.

Networking: sharing tips on managing remotely

10.00-11.00, 20th January 2021

Managing people and teams can be challenging at the best of times. We invite members together to share their experiences and best advice on managing people and teams remotely. Members will have the opportunity to participate in multiple small group discussions in groups of four, maximising the possibility of hearing useful meaningful advice to them, and meeting plenty of other members.

You, the Menopause, your brain and your body

11.30-13.00, 28th January 2021

Eef Hogervorst, Professor of Biological Psychology and Dr Emma O’Donnell, a Lecturer in Exercise Physiology are  leading experts on the menopause, both based at Loughborough University. They will share information on symptoms and different treatments of the menopause. They will explain the impact of oestrogen levels on brain functioning and discuss  how we can mitigate the impact of the menopause in the workplace. 

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The positioning and making of female professors

14.00-15.30, 29th January 2021 

Three professors will share their different routes to professorship. Marcia Wilson, Professor of Health, Sport and Bioscience and Dean for Equality Diversity and Inclusion at the Open University. Jackie Potter, Professor of Higher Education Learning and Development and Head of Oxford Centre for Staff Learning and Development at Oxford Brookes and Rowena Murray, Professor of Education at the University of the West of Scotland.

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New member welcome and orientation

14.00-15.00, 12th February 2021

A warm welcome for all new members of the network. In this session Alice Chilver, WHEN's founder and CEO will introduce you to WHEN and explain how you can make the most of your membership. Alice will introduce the directory, online community and mentoring programme, making sure that you know how to find and use them, plus you will meet other members and start to feel part of the community.

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Networking: sharing tips on coping with change

13.00-14.00, 18th February 2021

All of us will have experienced and adapted to significant change over the past months. We've worked through, and are still working through the pandemic. Many of us have adapted to working entirely from home, we're getting ready to for more change ahead as our institutions and we start to plan what the future will look like. How have you and do you cope with change like this? Join us for a networking session to exchange ideas. 

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Mentoring enrolment: all members welcome!

14.00-15.00, 2nd March 2021 

We aim to support 10,000 positive career moves for our members over the coming years and that's why we're running a mentoring scheme. Open to all members to join as mentors, mentees or both, join this event to enrol. You'll be signed up, given and introduction and we'll give you an orientation before you join. 

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Networking: For mothers with babies and toddlers

10.00-11.00, 10th March 2021

Whether you have returned to work or are on maternity leave, there's no doubt that the last months won't have been as you'd have hoped or imagined. We come together to share insights and experiences and to feel connected and supported. For anyone feeling isolated or concerned, especially please join us for a friendly, informal get together. 

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Leveraging male allies: together we are stronger

14.00-15.00, 23rd March 2021

We are delighted to welcome our male colleagues, friends and allies to join us as we explore and seek to maximise the roles of our male allies. Dr Manuel Alonso and Prof Andy Dainty both based at Loughborough University will provide personal reflections on why gender equality is important to them and share tips for being an advocate and ally.

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