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Out of more than 22,000 professors at UK Universities, only 35 of them are black women.

The 100 Black Women Professors (100BWP NOW) initiative recognises the specific experiences of black women and looks to use this programme to culturally sensitize institutions and colleagues towards challenging existing systems and structures to drive change. We are working to increase an understanding of white privilege and racial justice at our institutions towards creating equity of opportunity for the benefit of all.

This initiative is not about just 100 black women professors, it’s about the first 100. Our drive is to promote equity of opportunity to create equality in the academic world, and we begin that journey with 100 black women academics that will pioneer the path of change.

Pilot institutions

WHEN has identified six higher education institutions to participate in the pilot programme. These institutions are collaborating with WHEN on the programme design and development to ensure that baseline data is understood, the design is impactful and realistic and that we are best set up for successful outcomes for the participants, the institutions and the sector. They will also play a crucial role in understanding lessons learned and influencing future iterations of this and other programmes. 

Programme components

WHEN is adopting three core principles to this programme to create change

Social Support lens

WHEN has developed a blend of career planning, support networks, mindset and negotiation skills that will be specifically tailored to each of the women enrolled.

Department lens

This programme  understands the powerful influence Heads of Department play in the pace of career progression and promotion and will work closely with this group

Institutional lens

The tone for change must be set from the top, with leaders taking a directive role to address the barriers are deeply routed in our cultures and structures. That is why this programme includes HR Directors and senior leaders within the University as active participants in support of the women enrolled.

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