100 Black Women Professors NOW is a pioneering systemic change programme aiming to increase the number of Black women in the academic pipeline. When we began this journey, there were only 35 Black Women Professors. Whilst that number is increasing, there is still much work to do.

Why do this?

To achieve better equity of opportunity within academia, starting with 100 Black women academics, pioneering the path of change.

The programme is about supporting Black academic women to navigate and manage their careers; and it is also about challenging institutional assumptions and bias, recognising the need to address fundamental societal inequities, and acting to achieve systemic change for a fairer world.

Black Woman in Academia

There is an urgent need to change the status quo 

The data shows we need to address deep barriers. We need visible role models. We need to attract and retain diverse talent in our education system.

Chart showing higher education staffing data of professors by race in the uk

Who is the programme for?

Forward thinking-institutions wanting to step-change progress in the higher education sector. Advanced career academics, mid to early career academics and PhD students who self identify as black african, black afro caribbean, or mixed race with black heritage. 

When does it take place?

It has already begun. The pioneering initiative launched in 2021 with its first cohort, after months of research and consultation. We now have our second cohort for 2023. Applications are now being accepted for the next 12-month programme, which will commence in January 2024.

universities first on the programme map, manchester, leeds, de montfort, east london and open universities

Institutions leading change

Voices from our pioneering cohort of Black women academics


It has given me the confidence to speak up and be seen in a job I really love.

- Dr Paulet Brown-Wilsher, PhD, MEd, BSc, SFHEA 

Senior Lecturer, University of East London


I now have the understanding and importance of organisational politics and strategies for career progression.


Academic Director for Inclusive Practices, Senior Lecturer, Associate programme leader for MSC HRM and Chair of the Women's Network at UEL


It's been transformational, I now approach the future with confidence and excitement.

-Judy Chandler

Lecturer in Masters in Education, Leadership and Management, The Open University 

Participating institutions can expect:

Systemic change
achieved by:

Black women
academics' support:

icon of Vice Chancellor taking action and accountability for change


Senior leadership action

map of career journey and goals


Career coaching

department team structure icon


Head of Department action

discussed and greed development focus areas icon


Targeted development

policy changes icon


Policy and practice action

mentor leading the way icon



How does the
programme work?

An institution seeks support from their Vice Chancellor, HR Director and Equality Diversity Inclusion lead. They'll identify advanced career academics, early to mid career academics and PhD students with the desire, commitment and potential to reach professorship.

WHEN will work closely with institutions to support, share learnings and build networks.

Using core change principles we'll unblock limiting systems and structures and to support the academic cohort to successfully navigate the pathway to professorship.

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 *2020 HESA Higher education Staffing Data