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The WHEN Core Team

black and white image of Alice Chilver Smiling

Alice Chilver

Founder and CEO, and Head of People and Organisational Development, Oxford University

black and white smiling image of Adele Mackinlay

Adèle MacKinlay

Deputy CEO, and Director of People and Organisational Development,  Manchester University 

black and white professional image of Kate Faxen

Kate Faxen

Director of Engagement, and Head of Employee Experience and Organisational Development, UCL

Black and white smiling emoji to represent Yasmin Ali

Yasmin Ali

Director of Operations, and Director of Corporate Services, FMLM

black and white image of Nicola Lee smiling

Nicola Lee

Head of Strategic Initiatives, Full Time

black and white image of Dr Jenna Townend

Dr Jenna Townend

Head of Planning and Insight, and Strategic Change Programme Manager, Loughborough University

black and white image of Ann-Marie Stephenson smiling

Ann-Marie Stephenson

Head of Communications, and MBA Recruitment Manager, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

professional black and white image of Ivana Vasic

Ivana Vasic

Director of EDI Research and Insight, and Strategy Planning and Risk Manager, Royal Veterinary College

professional black and white image of Dr Anatu Mahama

Dr Anatu Mahama

Head of Editorial Content and Publications, and Founder & Editor-in-Chief, The Academic Woman Magazine

Black and White Headshot of Dr Ana DeSousa e Faro smiling

Dr Ana DeSousa e Faro

Head of EDI Impact, and Staff Well-being Manager, Imperial College London

Black and white image of Madiha Sajid smiling

Madiha Sajid

Equity and Inclusion Consultant, and Senior Admissions Tutor, Imperial College London

22,000 UK Professors, 35 are Black Women statistic
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