Our team of women supporting women

Advisory board

Fiona Ryland

Chief Operating Officer, UCL  

Karen O'Brien

Head of Humanities, University of Oxford

Sonia Virdee

Associate Director, Sanger Institute

Susan Lea

Vice Chancellor, Hull University

Vikki Goddard

Faculty Director, Manchester University 

Sophie Bowen

Chief Operating Officer, Middlesex University 

Shing-Wai Wong

Associate Director, Said Business School, University of Oxford

Core team

Alice Chilver

Founder and CEO

Kate Faxen

Director of Operations

Adèle MacKinlay

Director of Development

Madiha Sajid

Operations Manager

Aimée Sykes

Head of Communications and Engagement

Ivana Vasic

Head of Research

Amanda Stanford

Head of Partnerships

Susi Poli

Co-Editor, The Edit

Clare Hewitt

Co-Editor, The Edit

Florence Reedy

Editorial Assistant, The Edit


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