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Introducing Farah Hussain

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"Nurturing women's success in academia and beyond is vital for fostering a more inclusive and balanced world."

We caught up with WHEN's Programme Manager to find out her why and hear what she's most looking forward to at WHEN


What drew you to become part of WHEN?

What truly captivated me about joining WHEN was the organisation’s dedication to tackling the underrepresentation of women in higher education and championing their professional growth. As a person deeply passionate about gender equality and empowering others, I believe that nurturing women's success in academia and beyond is vital for fostering a more inclusive and balanced world. Throughout my experiences, I've seen the unique hurdles that women encounter in higher education and professional settings. These encounters have left a lasting impression on me, driving my desire to make a difference. I'm genuinely thrilled about the prospect of working with WHEN, crafting programmes and initiatives that resonate with women, help them surmount challenges, forge strong connections, and flourish in their careers. The opportunity to contribute to such a meaningful cause fills me with enthusiasm and purpose.

What are you looking forward to bringing to WHEN?

I often heard the words, "Girls are a burden,” and boys alone had the potential to succeed and support their families. I never bought into that idea and was determined to prove that I, too, could achieve just as much as my brothers. This determination fuelled my passion for advocating equal rights for all women, particularly those of colour and from diverse backgrounds. Along my journey, I encountered my share of challenges, but that didn't stop me. I earned my degree in Business and Psychology through distance learning, all while raising my young children. Throughout my 21-year corporate career, I've had the privilege to lead diverse teams and make a significant impact on the organisations I've worked with. Even as a minority, I didn't initially grasp the importance of diversity and inclusion as concepts. However, I've always been driven by my belief in doing what's right.

My personal dedication to gender equality and women's empowerment has inspired me to actively participate in initiatives that uplift women and provide them with the mentorship and support they need. Now, as a programme manager at WHEN, I bring my passion, my heart, my laughter, and my wealth of experience to the table. Together with the incredible WHEN team, I'm committed to creating meaningful programmes that empower women in higher education and address the unique challenges they face.

What are you most excited about with this role?

What I find most exciting about this role is the chance to be part of something truly meaningful. It's not just about designing and implementing programmes, it's about connecting with people, hearing their stories, and being part of a collective effort to empower women in higher education. It's about creating opportunities for growth, learning, and friendship that can help women overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. I am genuinely passionate about fostering an inclusive environment where women from all walks of life can thrive and succeed.

What do you need from the WHEN membership to support you to succeed?

I would genuinely value their support, collaboration, and active participation as valued members.
Your guidance and sincere involvement are crucial to our collective success. Your experiences, insights, and unique perspectives are essential in shaping programmes and initiatives that truly make a difference for women in higher education. I warmly encourage you to share your personal stories, victories, and even the obstacles that you may have encountered. In doing so, you will empower us to better understand the challenges and tailor our efforts to create a meaningful impact. I can't wait to start this incredible journey with WHEN and am genuinely excited to meet all of you at our upcoming events. If you would like to connect and share a friendly virtual greeting before we have the chance to meet face-to-face, don't hesitate to find me on LinkedIn or you can email me on [email protected]

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