A network that works for you. The WHEN network is designed to listen and respond to its members. 

Whether you are an academic women, a professional services woman, or a woman who considers herself a hybrid of the two - the WHEN network is organised to deliver content that is relevant to you. At the point of membership confirmation, you will be able to select categories that will enable us to deliver the most relevant content to you. Each member receives:



The WHEN Edit

A monthly Editorial compiled for and delivered to you. Much of the WHEN edit content is compiled and written by the WHEN members. WHEN relies on its two steering groups to determine the content and ensure relevance for members. The Editorial features:

  • Articles
  • Interviews
  • News
  • Career profiles
  • Employment features

Member events

As a member you will be invited to an annual, complimentary event for members that is deliberatley designed to enable and support networking. Member events are delivered in cities with more than one participating university.  You will be entitled to 25% member discount on all open enrolment events and training delivered by WHEN including:  

  • The WHEN Annual Conference
  • The WHEN Annual Meeting of Leaders of Women’s Networks

Online community

Our members are invited to a private, vibrant online network. We currently use Linkedin as our platform. New members introduce themselves and other members make them feel welcome. Members use the community to share experiences, learn from and support one another. Connecting online is an important means by which we are able to connect women distributed across the country who may otherwise be restricted by travel, time commitments or other things.