A national network

Uniting women with different roles, from different institutions and fields and with different backgrounds and experiences. 


Who is membership for?

We unite all roles and levels: Vice-Chancellors, Chief Operating Officers, Professors, Lecturers, Laboratory Managers, Registrars, Institute Coordinators, Finance Officers, Human Resources Officers, all women employed by universities in the UK. By coming together to support, share and learn from one another, we are stronger. We are open to all self-identifying women and non-binary staff members. Progression pathways can be a challenge to identify and getting a role in a highly specialised research field can be competitive, with unclear alternatives. Between us, there are many examples of overcoming challenges and creating new pathways and opportunities. WHEN offers the only forum to reach across the entire sector, connecting all women so that we can maximise opportunities and expand horizons.

What can members expect?


We curate relevant, inspiring and practical content and deliver it to members in our editorial ‘The Edit’. Members can expect a combination of full length and summarised academic articles, interviews, stories, perspectives, career profiles and pathways and news relevant to speeding up gender equality in our sector.


Members are invited to a private, vibrant online community. Members use the community to share experiences, learn from and support one another. Connecting online is an important means by which we are able to connect women distributed across the country who may otherwise be restricted otherwise.


Online and face to face, free and paid events take place throughout the membership year. Our members receive priority booking and are the first to know about all of our events. They can expect to receive a member discount of up to 50% where there is a charge. Annual events include the WHEN Conference.

How do members benefit?

Contribute to changing the status quo

Build and grow your network

Share your experiences with others

Raise your profile

Be part of the conversation

Feel understood, empowered and inspired

Consider your future and career pathways

Expand your horizons

Receive support from others

Build your skills and gain new experiences

Make policies work better for you

Become a member of WHEN

You join the network as an individual. There are two fee options, depending on whether your institutional is member or not. In either case, we hope that your line manager can pay for you to join, but we've tried to keep the fees as low as possible, in case they can't.


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