Inclusive networking

We unite women with different roles and experiences, from different institutions, fields and backgrounds, because together we are stronger.


We host three key networks

WHEN offers the only forum to reach across the entire sector, connecting all women so that we can maximise opportunities and expand horizons. We are open to all women and non-binary people who work in the higher education sector. By coming together to support, share and learn from one another, we are stronger. 

A network for all women working in higher education

Our goal is to enable positive career moves for our members. We aim to connect 10,000 women beyond the boundaries of their institutions and/or disciplines through our free online community and member events.

We unite all roles and levels: Vice-Chancellors, Chief Operating Officers, Professors, Lecturers, Laboratory Managers, Researchers, Finance Officers and Administrators. 

Progression pathways can be a challenge to identify and navigate. Between us, there are many examples of overcoming challenges and creating new pathways and opportunities.


A network for the sector's most senior women of colour

There are less than 20 women of colour in senior leadership roles in UK universities. We host a select networking space for the sector's most senior women of colour. We invite them together to support one another, share experiences and build strength together. 

The group currently comprises of 25 women and has been growing on a word of mouth referral basis. If you know someone who would benefit from being part of this supportive group then please let them know. 

Individuals wishing to join should email [email protected]

A community of practice for women's networks

We bring together leaders of women's networks from all higher education institutions.

Networks are all trying to achieve similar things, so in this community, we have access to one another. We share knowledge and experiences about what works and what doesn't. We share resources and ideas, so that we are not reinventing the wheel. We problem solve and co-create solutions together. 

If you are involved in running a women's network or would like to learn from those that do, then please get in touch to join this community via [email protected]

Support our work

We endeavour to make the networks as accessible as possible. If you are able to, please support our work



Donate £5/month to help us to deliver, develop and run the network. 




Donate £2/month to help us to deliver, develop and run the network.


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