For gender parity

Our vision is for all of us to experience gender parity in higher education. Will you join us and help to realise our vision?

Our values

The foundations of everything we do


Providing an open and welcoming space for all women


Understanding and valuing our differences


Learning from, working with and supporting one another


Using initiative and encouraging others to do the same

WHEN explained in 60 seconds

By our founder, Alice and friends

Our team

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We are women who all have busy day jobs but we have chosen to volunteer at WHEN. We are united in our commitment and energy for speeding up gender equality in higher education. If you want to join us and use your skills and experiences to support this cause then please get in touch via [email protected]

Our beginnings

A grassroots internal network for women

In 2013, Emma Todd and Alice Chilver founded Astrea: a grassroots network for professional services women at UCL. Astrea aimed to address the under-representation of women at the highest levels of the institution, bringing women together to share experiences, skills and support one another’s professional development. The value and benefits that the network brought to individuals and to UCL were significant. The appetite, enthusiasm and support from women was unrelenting. Through WHEN, Alice seeks to deliver these same benefits to women and institutions across the sector.

Participating institutions

Seeking to speed up gender equality in higher education


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