WHEN drives equity of opportunity for women in higher education

We propel women to achieve their ambitions and we enable Universities and the higher education sector to accelerate change

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Inclusion  I  We are a space  for all women*

We are different races, ages, roles, sexualities. Some of us are disabled, some of us are religious, some of us have children. We have different home lives, different roles, different levels of seniority. We take an intersectional approach and unite as women.

Respect  I  We understand and value our differences

Our differences are our strength. Being open to sharing our backgrounds, experiences, approaches and opinions is essential. We don’t cast judgement, we listen.

Cohesion  I  We  are strong and supportive

We seek to share, learn from and support one another. We are stronger, together.

Action  I   We go for it

We use initiative to get things moving and encourage others to do the same. We are busy professionals but will find time to focus on what is most important to us.


* Inclusive of cisgender women, trans women and non-binary people who are comfortable in a female centred community

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A grassroots network for women

In 2013, Emma Todd and Alice Chilver founded Astrea: a grassroots network for women at UCL. Astrea aimed to address the under-representation of women at the highest levels of the institution, bringing women together to share experiences, skills and support one another’s professional development. The value and benefits that the network brought to individuals and to UCL were significant. The appetite, enthusiasm and support from women was unrelenting. Through WHEN, Alice seeks to deliver these same benefits to women and institutions across the sector.

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Powered largely by passionate volunteers from higher education institutions, we are united in our commitment and energy for speeding up gender equity. 
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