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Paths to the top (women's experiences)

A research survey aiming to capture the career experiences of 1,000 women working in UK Higher Education

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This research focuses on the experiences of women in reaching senior positions. Data on reasons why women are not equally represented in senior roles is not up to date, nor based on volume, yet we know many women who would like to be heard. If we want to see women at the top, we need to understand what is putting off some women wanting to pursue the most senior roles. Please complete the survey and ask all of your colleagues to do it too!

Paths to the top (recruiters experiences)

A research survey aiming to capture the opinions of recruiters who are assisting with senior appointments in UK Higher Education

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WHEN research principals


Seek to understand the experiences and barriers women* face as they progress through their careers in HE.


Use our learning to inform the design and delivery of our interventions.


Share our learning through our networks to inform and bolster positive action


Measure the impact of our interventions and make sure they are working.


Seek to be a catalyst for research opportunities arising from our activity.

Past research

Sharing the Caring

Our survey garnered over 1,000 responses, taking a snapshot of gender equality in the home during lockdown. 

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This research focused on cohabiting, dual career parents, at least one of which was in professional services in Higher Education. Data on ways in which unpaid labour is split between partners is scarcely available, yet this influences career progression significantly. Professional services staff were largely ignored in sector studies at the start of the pandemic, yet represent a significant proportion of the workforce.

Sharing the Caring: 6 research finding themes:

Hidden Figures Infographic WHEN research
Hidden Figures Infographic Page
Infographic of sharing the caring, childcare duties research
Infographic of dividing the domestics WHEN research
Infographic of caring outside the homeWHEN research
Infographic of personal and family life WHEN research
Infographic of womens higher education career impact WHEN research

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