Revealing and highlighting the experiences of women working in higher education

We take a look at the experiences of UK HE parents and carers.

This research focused on cohabiting parent couples, because data on ways in which unpaid labour is split between partners is scarcely available, yet influences career progression significantly. We focused on professional services because they have been largely ignored in sector studies on the impact of the pandemic to date, but represent a significant proportion of the workforce. We aim to bring a complementary perspective to what is happening in our sector.

With special thanks to the WHEN research team:

  • Principal investigator: Ivana Vasic, Head of Research, WHEN ([email protected])
  • Survey conceptualisation and design: Suzie Bullock, Ivana Vasic, Clare Matysova, Dr Ismini Vasileiou
  • Survey insights: Ana De Sousa e Faro, Clare Matysova, Ivana Vasic, Dr Jenna Townend, Evangeline Tsao, Dr Ismini Vasileiou


1. Hidden figures in Higher Education

The full report will be available here

We will be releasing results in themes on a weekly basis. Then the full report will be made available to members and partners before it is published here. Look out for updates on our social media channels.

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2. Sharing the Caring

3. Dividing the domestics

4. Caring outside of the home

5. Personal and Family life

6. Career Impact


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