We are a social enterprise speeding up equality in higher education. We're doing our bit to make equality a matter of ‘not if, but WHEN’. Our current focus is to support the 126,000 professional services women working across the UK.

Our beginnings

An unstoppable force for good

Our journey began in 2013, when Emma Todd and Alice Chilver founded Astrea. This grass roots network tackled gender for professional services staff at UCL. The network brought women together to share experiences, build awareness, grow in confidence and support each other. The value and benefits that the network brought to its members and UCL was undeniable. The appetite, enthusiasm and support from women was unstoppable. WHEN is the channel through which Emma and Alice seek to deliver these same benefits to professional services women across the country.

Our future

Breaking down barriers between institutions to connect women

Through WHEN, our members across the UK will connect with each other, unlocking the huge potential we all have to learn from one another. Our members will build and expand their professional networks, increasing confidence and self-belief. They will have access information, training and events and each other, taking control of their careers and their own professional development.

World leading institutions

WHEN will forge sustainable, diverse leadership in higher education. Professional services women form the largest single majority of staff working in the sector (32%) - and therefore have a significant impact our institutions' sustainability and success. Our members will be inspired to innovate, not only making change happen for themselves and their colleagues, but also for their institutions, making those that are part of this movement two steps ahead.