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WHEN's 2023 annual conference to take place in person in London

January 2023

We're so pleased to be coming together face to face after three fully digital conferences. Our focus will be careers and taking charge of our own trajectories! This is a highlight of our year as we bring wonderful women together. Hope to see you there. 

April 2023

Our partner, Alumni Global, are supporting with the appointment of ten senior academic leadership roles at USW. Find out more here. 

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WHEN's CEO announced as 'E&I Influencer of the Year' 

November 2023

We are delighted that our CEO, Alice Chilver has been recognised for her pioneering work in driving forward systemic change for the higher education sector, in particular for her leadership of the 100 Black Women Professors NOW programme! 

WHEN CEO listed as one of 50 kind leaders

November 2022

Kindness & Leadership, 50 Leading Lights UK seeks to shine a great big spotlight on leaders who are impacting others through kindness. We are delighted our CEO, Alice is recognised for her approach here.

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WHEN visits the BBC with its SWOC

October 2022

WHEN's Senior Women of Colour (SWOC) group were hosted by the BBC to get to grips with broadcasting on TV and Radio and get listed as experts that can be called upon by the BBC as part of their 50:50 campaign. 

50:50 campaign

WHEN & Alumni Global committed to change

August 2022

We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with headhunters who are serious about EDI: Alumni Global. Owen who lead's the higher education practice is by our side in so many ways.

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