Want to define your Super Power? Ask Chat GPT

career career progression cv opportunities May 30, 2023

How can Chat GP support you in the recruitment process?

I won't be the only careers professional who has been flirting with Chat GPT . Of course, what you get out of Chat GPT is only as good as what you put in. You need to define exactly what you want, so asking the right question is key.

Where you’re looking to summarise your key qualities in a personal statement on your CV, or in response to an interview question, it can be helpful.

To try it out, I identified a number of my key Strengths as outlined in the Strengths profile. You can complete a FREE Strengths profile to identify yours.

I asked Chat GPT:

"If my qualities are: Directness, Connector, Rapport Builder, Innovation and Impact, what is my Super Power? Express in 1st person.”

Chat GPT responded with:

Based on my qualities as someone who is Direct, a Connector, a Rapport Builder, Innovative, and Impact-driven, my superpower is "Strategic Networking."

I have the ability to build and maintain strong relationships with individuals and groups who can help advance my goals and objectives. My direct communication style, connector mindset, and rapport-building skills make me well-suited for creating and nurturing a diverse network of contacts that can help me achieve success in various areas of my life. I am always seeking out new and innovative ways to connect with others and build meaningful relationships that can drive positive change. As a strategic networker, I have the power to bring people together, foster collaboration, and create a culture of innovation that benefits everyone involved. My ability to leverage my network and tap into the collective knowledge, experience, and resources of others is a rare and valuable skill that can help.

My thoughts?

I must say I felt rather pleased with myself. Whilst it's a bit lengthy, I could see how I could create a punchier version for a CV or my LinkedIn Statement. I could prepare a response in readiness for interview questions.

N.B. This is just the starting point!

It would be easy to become complacent and stop at this point. There is still work required in tailoring and personalising the text.

For example, If I go for an interview and am asked "What Strengths would you bring to this role?" while I might say:

"As a strategic networker, I have the power to foster collaboration, and create a culture of innovation that benefits everyone involved.”

Not unreasonably an employer will then ask: "Can you illustrate by giving us an example?"

You then need to tailor and qualify your strengths:

To which I would then need to personalise with a specific example such as:

" A few years' ago I persuaded my line manager to enable me to become a licensed Springboard trainer. I wanted to support female staff to progress in their career. I persuaded the Assistant Registrar to fund the programme. More than 70% of staff subsequently achieved internal promotion."

In summary

Chat GPT can be helpful- if you clearly define what you want- and ensure you evidence with personalisedexamples.


About the author: 

Anne Wilson (SFHEA), is Head of Careers at the University of Warwick and part of WHEN’s Career Accelerator programme delivery team. Her blog, www.thecareercatalyst.co.uk is aimed at women working in Higher Education. Anne is actively involved in the development of female staff and students at Warwick.