Welcoming new WHEN team members Aimee and Ivana - find out how you can volunteer for WHEN!

volunteering Mar 06, 2020

WHEN is thrilled to welcome new members to our core team. 

Aimée Sykes has recently joined the WHEN team as Head of Communications and Engagement. She has worked in Higher Education for 3 years, and prior to that held a career in local government libraries before relocating to Bristol. Aimée works as a Business Liaison Manager at UWE Bristol, and formerly coordinated UWE’s Women’s Forum, their staff network for women. Aimée is an Aurora Alumnus, and leads UWE Bristol’s Aurora Alumnae Network. Aimée is passionate about advancing the lived experience of women in higher education, and is excited to start addressing this on a national scale with WHEN. Aimée has won a couple of awards for her efforts for advancing gender equality, including a We Are the City Rising Star in the Education and Academia category in 2019, and in 2020 she was added to the Northern Power Women’s Future List.  

 Aimée is currently focusing on extending our reach and connecting with women on a national scale. Our Communications and Engagement team look after our website, as well as our social media presence.

Ivana Vasic Chalmers is WHEN’s new Head of Research. A passionate equality, diversity and inclusion [EDI] advocate, she undertakes research and publishes on the subject, and has led an Athena SWAN accreditation at The Royal Veterinary College. Her role in the research group is to coordinate the talents and interests of volunteers to produce value for women across the higher education sector. With academics at the helm of EDI research, Ivana is passionate about translating academic learnings into an improved lived experience.  

 A winner of a Woman in Leadership MBA scholarship from the Financial Times, 30% Club and Henley Business School, Ivana dedicated her dissertation to understanding the value of external consultants to EDI efforts of client organisations. Her learnings are proving helpful in her pro-bono Head of Research and Development role at Sandburg work-life combination hub, a women-run entrepreneurship venture in Germany advocating for economic inclusion and empowerment of parents. Over the past 12 years Ivana Vasic Chalmers has worked in higher education strategy, planning and risk in the Middle-East and UK, and is an Aurora alumnus. Trained as a journalist, Ivana was previously a video editor and production manager in corporate video production.

We are happy to welcome new volunteers to the WHEN team and you can find out more about opportunities to join our team at www.whenequality.org/opportunities